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AGL Energy Limited 24
AGL’s goal is to become a world-class customer-focused energy company.
AGL operates in an extremely competitive environment and this
means that we must continuously strive to provide value to our
customers through exceptional customer service and innovation.
Throughout FY2012, AGL has implemented a number of programs
and initiatives designed to improve customer experience, including:
>> a complete re-engineering of our Customer Service Centre
processes and operational framework, resulting in improvement
across a range of measures, such as first call resolution and
average speed of answer;
>> the launch of the AGL Smarter Living Centre and AGL Smarter
Living Store, aimed at helping our customers to become more
energy efficient;
>> greater on-line sales and service capabilities, as well as increased
interaction with our customers via social media;
>> a new partnership with Fly Buys, which rewards AGL customers
for everyday spending on energy in their home; and
>> gaining a better understanding of customer hardship from a
demographic perspective, allowing us to tailor solutions more
effectively in future.
The two key focus areas for the Customer chapter of this report
are customer experience and customers in hardship.
Customer experience:
There are a range of contributing factors
that affect customer experience. This section of the report outlines
how AGL measures customer experience, and provides performance
data on some critical aspects of service delivery over the past
12 months (page 26). This chapter also addresses energy efficiency
services and renewable energy products that AGL offers (page 28),
and the way in which AGL manages its responsibilities as an essential
service provider (page 29).
Customers in hardship:
AGL recognises the importance of
assisting vulnerable customers to reach a sustainable energy
consumption position. AGL addresses this issue from a number of
perspectives including information provision, community support
and direct assistance through the Staying Connected program.
In FY2012, the average level of debt for customers on the Staying
Connected program was the primary indicator used to assess our
level of success with respect to early intervention and assisting
customers to return to a sustainable energy consumption position.
Customer experience
Customers in hardship
and quality
as an essential
and renewable
energy products
and services
Performance Summary
Target FY2012
Performance FY2012
Target FY2013
Customer experience
Top ranking energy
company for customer
Customer satisfaction score
>major competitors
Customer satisfaction score:
= 6.68
To have a higher annual mean
customer satisfaction score
than our competitors.
Customers in hardship
Recognised industry
leader in customer
hardship policy.
Average energy debt of
Staying Connected customers:
Average energy debt of
Staying Connected customers:
5% reduction in the ratio
of average energy debt
of Staying Connected
customers to average NEM
household electricity bill.
1 As determined by a quarterly survey prepared by an independent third party provider.
2 Powerdirect and ActewAGL are not included under the AGL brand for the customer satisfaction score.