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AGL Energy Limited 30
Customer experience
Since the formal launch of EAL, AGL has maintained strict
compliance with the Code, and we are using it as a means by which
to improve the performance of our sales representatives and to
improve customer experience. In addition to the management of
sale representatives pursuant to the Code, we have also conducted
reviews of adherence by our sales partners to the Code. It is
expected that our sales partners operating under the Code will be
formally audited by EAL towards the end of 2012.
This year, we have also maintained quarterly road shows with the
AGL field sales team in all states in which we market. These road
shows are focused on providing field sales agents with the skills and
knowledge to sell AGL products in a compliant and customer friendly
manner. The road shows are also used to launch and update new
field sales tools and processes. The road shows are conducted by
senior staff from our external field sales providers, as well as senior
AGL staff. All field sales staff are required to attend.
In addition to attending the quarterly road shows, all field sales
staff undergo continual monitoring and training conducted by their
team managers or one of the dedicated state based trainers. In
FY2012, AGL invested in an additional six full-time training resources
through our field sales partners to ensure that field sales teams have
continual access to training support.
To ensure overall continual improvement of our sales channels,
including field sales, AGL has initiated an end to end review of our
existing sales quality framework. The revised framework will be
progressively rolled out during FY2013.
The above initiatives are all focused on continual improvement
of our sales processes to ensure that they meet community
expectations and regulatory and legislative requirements, and are
also conducted in a manner which exhibits AGL’s underlying values
as a business. However, while AGL continually strives to improve
the performance of all sales channels, we recognise that correct
processes are not always followed by field sales agents. At the
time of writing, the ACCC had commenced litigation against AGL
in respect of potential breaches of the Australian Consumer Law
by two AGL field sales agents.
Overall, complaints from the door-knocking channel have decreased
in FY2012, with 0.19 complaints per 100 sales compared to
1.12 complaints per 100 sales in FY2011. While we remain
committed to reducing complaint numbers even further, the
fact that we have seen a reduction in the past 12 months would
appear to indicate that initiatives, such as the introduction of EAL,
have had a positive impact.
AGL continues to provide a free translator service so that customers
are able to access important information on AGL’s services and
products, regardless of whether English is their primary language.
In addition, AGL has energy efficiency brochures available for
customers in 10 different languages.
As part of the Customer Service Centre review mentioned earlier
in this chapter, in FY2012 we have increased the ability of our
Customer Service Representatives to refer customers experiencing
payment difficulty to Staying Connected, AGL’s customer hardship
program. Throughout the coming year, we will review these
procedures to ensure that the referral process is working to its
maximum potential.