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Sustainability Performance Report 2012 33
AGL’s goal is to connect our business and employees with the community
in ways which make a genuine positive contribution, engage our people
and strengthen our business.
The success of AGL is measured not only by its financial
performance, but also by the social and environmental impacts
that company decisions and actions have on the wider community.
AGL has a responsibility to work with the community to develop
mutually beneficial energy projects, and to sensitively manage the
associated environmental, social and financial outcomes. Only by
engaging communities during the entire project life-cycle is AGL
able to achieve a ‘social licence to operate’, delivering projects while
addressing community concerns.
The variable nature of AGL’s development projects necessitates a
tailored approach to community engagement based on the needs
of individual communities and projects. AGL aims to establish constructive
working relationships and multidirectional communication channels
with community stakeholders including customers, government
groups, asset owners, local community groups, indigenous groups,
businesses, residents and local media. AGL also supports local
communities through sponsorships, providing financial and in-kind
support for issues important to those communities.
To build on engagement with the local communities in which AGL
owns and/or operates assets, AGL’s Corporate Citizenship program
Energy for Life
seeks to make a genuine contribution to the wider
community. This integrated program provides a platform to link
employees with community and charity organisations important
to AGL and our people.
Energy for Life
has three core planks:
>> Employee Giving;
>> Employee Volunteering; and
>> Strategic Partnerships
The two key focus areas for the Community chapter of this report
are community engagement and community contribution.
Community engagement
: Community consultation, as measured
by the proportion of successfully implemented community
engagement plans, is vital to the success of new developments,
the expansion of existing infrastructure and ongoing operations.
Community contribution:
AGL has an opportunity to positively
contribute to local communities and community causes that reflect
the interests of AGL employees. Community contributions are the
measured investments made to local communities through direct
investment, sponsorships, Employee Giving and Volunteering and our
Strategic Partnerships. The success of AGL’s community contribution
program is measured by the level of community investment with
a particular focus on investments which employees contribute to,
namely Employee Volunteering and Employee Giving.
Community engagement
Upstream Gas
Community contributions
Performance Summary
Target FY2012
Performance FY2012
Target FY2013
Community engagement
Best practice
local community
Implementation of community
engagement plans:
Implementation of community
engagement plans
100% delivery of promises
made to the community.
Community contribution
Social Return on
Investment (SROI)
measured and
at targets levels.
Employee Volunteering
participation rate:
Employee Volunteering
participation rate:
Establish framework for SROI
analysis with outputs of
for Life
strategic partnerships
measured annually.
1 Active plans in place for operated, committed projects with activities on the ground.