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AGL Energy Limited 40
Community engagement
Galilee Gas Project
AGL is the operator of the Galilee Gas Project, a 50/50 CSG
exploration joint venture with Galilee Energy Ltd. During
FY2012, AGL communicated regularly with key individual and
community stakeholders, including local and state governments,
and landowners.
AGL and Galilee Energy Ltd are both members of the Galilee Basin
Operators’ Forum (GBOF), a group of CSG operators in the Galilee
Basin. In November 2010, the GBOF engaged leading independent
environmental consultancy RPS to research and prepare a baseline
water assessment report for development of a regional Galilee Basin
aquifer model. A final draft of the report has been prepared and
on completion, will be made available on the GBOF website and a
copy provided to the Queensland Water Commission. This report
will further inform a regional understanding of aquifers and bore
water supplies at this early stage of petroleum exploration in the
Galilee Basin.
During FY2012, AGL and joint venture partner Galilee Energy Ltd
contributed $18,000 towards the purchase of a weed misting
unit. The unit will be used by the Desert Channels Queensland
community group to conduct a series of weed misting trials on
local properties with the aim of providing effective and cost-
efficient management of ‘Prickly Acacia’. The trial results will be
shared amongst landholders and Landcare group members. Results
will take 12-18 months, as the spray program requires a number
of applications, several months apart, then allowing weed die back
over a 12-24 month period.
Other community initiatives during FY2012 as part of the Galilee
Gas Project included;
>> sponsorship of the Muttaburra Sheep Show;
>> participation in the Annual Longreach Show;
>> hosting community information sessions in Longreach and
Barcaldine; and
>> presentations at local council forums and rural media events.
Silver Springs Underground Gas Storage Project
In November 2011, AGL opened the Silver Springs Underground Gas
Storage Facility. As part of the opening AGL invited local landowners
and government officials, to provide them with an opportunity to
gain a better understanding of the project and view the facilities.
During FY2012, the Silver Springs project team has worked closely
with the local community stakeholders and feedback suggests that
in-kind donations are perceived to have been AGL’s most beneficial
contribution to the local community. These donations have included;
>> the donation of a surplus accommodation block to the
Wallumbilla SES;
>> the donation of a surplus accommodation block and an ablution
block to the Surat SES; and
>> the donation of a cold room, a chest freezer and steel tubing
to the Teelba Primary School.
The Galilee and Silver Springs projects are significant elements of
AGL’s upstream gas portfolio, ensuring longer term security of gas
supply (refer to page 18 of this report).
Other projects
In FY2012, AGL received approval from the NSW Department of
Planning for the proposed Newcastle Gas Storage Facility Project
at Tomago. Community consultation for the project continued with
local stakeholders who have community leadership in restoration
and habitat protection, including the Hunter Botanic Gardens at
Tomago, the Native Animal Trust and the Port Stephens Council
Koala Steering Team, to develop long-term sustainable community
partnership programs. In late FY2012, the CCC for the Newcastle
Gas Storage Facility was established and the first meeting was held
early in July 2012.