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Sustainability Performance Report 2012 47
Community contribution
Strategic Partnerships
As an energy company committed to encouraging
energy efficiency across the community, AGL places
a special emphasis on assisting vulnerable Australians
by pursuing initiatives that deliver sustainable change.
A major review of AGL’s Strategic Partnerships was completed
in 2012. As mentioned earlier in this chapter, a major review of
AGL’s strategic partnership has precipitated a shift from a focus
on homelessness. Accordingly, FY2012 will be the final year of
the Warmth in Winter program, which AGL has proudly supported
for a number of years.
Warmth in Winter
AGL’s Warmth in Winter initiative seeks to make a practical
contribution to support homeless Australians by inviting crisis
accommodation services to apply for a cash rebate, based on their
previous year’s winter energy bills.
The energy bill rebates provided by AGL allow these community
organisations to redirect funds to other essential services that
directly benefit their clients.
In FY2012, AGL contributed $143,500 to the energy bills of 73 crisis
accommodation services across Australia, a decrease compared
to FY2011 when almost $190,000 was contributed. This funding
is equivalent to providing over 111,000 warm winter nights for
homeless Australians, a decrease of almost 12% compared to the
126,000 warm winter nights funded in FY2011.
The proportion of the winter energy bills funded for each successful
applicant varied from 9.9% to 100%, depending on a range of
factors including any previous funding received by the applicant
and the dollar value of the organisation’s energy bills.