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Sustainability Performance Report 2012 3
About AGL
Retail markets
AGL retails natural gas, electricity and energy-related products and
services (including solar) to around 3.5 million customer accounts
across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.
Further information about AGL’s retail customer numbers and churn
figures are on page 19.
In FY2012 the total amount of energy sold to AGL’s mass market
customers was 15,410 GWh of electricity and 60.1 PJ of gas. AGL
also sold an additional 17,374 GWh of electricity and 81.9 PJ of gas
to major commercial and industrial customers.
Strategic direction:
AGL is focused on increasing the provision of
energy related services, assisting our customers to become more
energy efficient. We will also continue to focus on growing New
South Wales electricity customer accounts in the range of 800,000
to 900,000, creating a national customer base in the range of
3.6 million to 3.7 million in the medium term.
Corporate support
AGL’s Retail Energy, Merchant Energy and Upstream Gas businesses
are supported by a full complement of corporate services. Further
information about AGL’s integrated strategy is available in the
Economic chapter of this report.
Projects under development and construction
AGL has a range of projects in different stages of development to
deliver strategic depth and flexibility to its electricity generation,
gas production and storage portfolios. These are discussed in the
Economic and Climate Change chapters of this report.
During FY2012 AGL completed construction of the AGL Hallett 5
Wind Farm (52.5MW) and the Oaklands Hill Wind Farm (63MW).
In November 2011, AGL officially opened its Silver Springs
Underground Gas Storage project, located south of Roma,
Queensland. The facility has a nominal capacity of 35 PJ.
Investments and divestments
On 29 June 2012, AGL completed the acquisition of the remaining
67.46% of the voting shares in, and loan notes issued by, Great
Energy Alliance Corporation Pty Limited (GEAC), increasing
its ownership from 32.54% to 100%. The consolidated entity
also acquired 100% of the voting shares in Loy Yang Marketing
Holdings Pty Limited.
On 25 July 2011, AGL acquired the Victorian based solar
photovoltaic business, EKO Energy, from the privately owned
company Rezeko Pty Ltd.
On 30 April 2012, AGL acquired the development rights for the
Silverton wind farm in New South Wales through the acquisition of
100% of the voting shares in Silverton Wind Farm Holdings Pty Ltd.
There were no divestments in FY2012.