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Sustainable generation sources
Research, development and deployment
Technology in the energy supply sector is developing
quickly. Changes to fuel sources, location of generation,
consumption patterns, and the availability of data, are
all changing.
With a focus on deployment of technologies that are approaching
commercialisation, this year AGL has been successful in partnering
directly with technology proponents and other members of industry
to participate in important renewable energy programs supported
by the Federal Government.
Renewable energy
In June 2012, AGL was selected as a winning bidder under the
Commonwealth Solar Flagships Program, part of the Australian
Government’s $5.1 billion Clean Energy Initiative. AGL, together
with First Solar (Australia) Pty Ltd (First Solar), will deliver large-
scale solar PV power projects totalling 159 MW at two locations
in New South Wales. AGL will develop a 106 MW project at
Nyngan and a 53 MW project at Broken Hill. First Solar will provide
engineering, procurement and construction services for both
projects, using its advanced thin-film PV modules. As required
by the Solar Flagships Program, AGL’s project will also include a
research component under the Education Infrastructure Fund (EIF).
The role of the EIF is to build a modern, productive, internationally-
competitive Australian economy by supporting world-leading,
strategically-focused infrastructure investments that will transform
Australian tertiary education and research. The Commonwealth
Government will provide $40.7 million to UQ and UNSW to support
construction of research infrastructure under the EIF.
Investment partner initiatives
Loy Yang Power
On 29 June 2012, AGL acquired the remaining two-thirds of Loy
Yang Power (previously AGL was a minority investor in the brown
coal fired power station with a 32.5% equity stake in the Greater
Energy Alliance Corporation (GEAC) which owned Loy Yang
Power). Although the most efficient of Australia’s brown coal fired
generators, Loy Yang A Power Station is one of the largest point
source emitters of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia.
Given the change in ownership structure, AGL will continue to
review and engage with technology providers focused on reducing
the emissions profile of brown coal. There has been a significant
amount of work conducted during the past few years at Loy Yang
examining methods of reducing emissions and improving the thermal
efficiency of brown coal generation technologies. Initiatives such
as the trial of Mechanical Thermal Expression (MTE) technologies
and participation in the Post Combustion Carbon Capture Project
in partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are important
examples of this work. AGL will continue to work with all our
stakeholders in assessing and developing new technologies related
to brown coal electricity generation.
In June 2011, ActewAGL signed a landmark agreement with Better
Place in relation to the provision of renewable electricity for the
deployment of electric vehicles. The $60 million supply agreement
will result in new renewable energy being provided over 10 years
to electric vehicles purchased and operated within the Australian
Capital Territory. ActewAGL has been working with Better Place for
some time on the deployment of electric vehicles within Canberra.
Electric vehicles have the capacity to significantly reduce Australian
transportation greenhouse gas emissions and to provide alternatives
to peak load management for electricity network operators.
Further information on electric vehicles can be found in AGL
Applied Economic and Policy Research Working Paper No.27.