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AGL Energy Limited
About this report
AGL publishes sustainability performance data annually
so that stakeholders can gain an understanding of the
social, environmental and economic challenges and
opportunities that face the organisation and the industry,
and the steps that AGL is taking to enhance the long-
term value of the business.
Report scope
This report covers the performance of the AGL group of companies
(AGL Energy Limited and its wholly owned Australian subsidiaries)
(AGL) and the activities and facilities in Australia over which
AGL had operational control for all, or part, of the financial year
ended 30 June 2012 (FY2012). AGL Loy Yang has, however, been
excluded from scope, on the basis that the acquisition occured
on 29 June 2012. All data in this report relates to FY2012 unless
otherwise stated.
Together, the 2012 Sustainability Performance Report and the
2012 Annual Report provide the full account of AGL’s performance
for the period.
Where information regarding AGL’s partially owned and non-
operated investments is material, available and relevant, it
is included and clearly referenced. This report excludes the
performance of franchise AGL Energy Shops and AGL Assist.
The performance of joint ventures which are not operated by
AGL is excluded.
AGL’s previous Sustainability Report was released in November
2011, covering the 2011 financial year (FY2011). This and prior
Sustainability Reports for AGL and The Australian Gas Light
Company (AGLC) dating back to FY2004 are available on the
AGL website at
Report structure
AGL’s annual sustainability reporting comprises two main elements:
1. AGL Annual Report 2012.
Sustainability performance
information is incorporated within the Annual Report to provide a
broader account of AGL’s overall performance to shareholders and
other stakeholders. Pages 10 to 23 of the Annual Report document
AGL’s performance against the 12 strategic sustainability indicators
and targets that were set in 2011.
2. Sustainability Performance Report 2012 (this report)
This report provides detailed performance data across a wider
range of subject areas, and has been prepared for stakeholders
who have a special or detailed interest in particular aspects of AGL’s
sustainability performance.
This report is available online only.
Assurance Statements are available on pages 91 to 95. A Global
Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index is located on pages 96 to 108.
Global reporting initiative
The Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) ‘G3’ Sustainability Reporting
Guidelines and the GRI Electric Utility Sector Supplement were
used in the preparation of this report. These documents provide
guidance for organisations to use as the basis for disclosure about
their sustainability performance, providing a universally applicable,
generally acceptable and comparable framework that helps
stakeholders understand reported information.
A full GRI content index is included on pages 96 to 108 of
this report.
AGL has self-assessed the extent to which the GRI guidelines have
been applied in the preparation of this report. AGL also engaged
Net Balance Management Group Pty Ltd (Net Balance) to complete
a third-party ‘GRI Application Level’ assessment of the report.
Net Balance agreed with the self-assessment that the report meets
the requirements of an ‘A+’ Application Level. This is reflected in the
GRI application level table shown below.
It is AGL’s intention to report at an ‘A+’ level in the future.
For further information about the GRI guidelines and application
levels, refer to the GRI website at
Net Balance has provided independent assurance over this
report using the AA1000 Assurance Standard (2008). A ‘Type 2
Moderate Level’ of assurance was undertaken for the majority
of the report, with the exception of information contained in
the Environment chapter, which was assured to a high level of
assurance. The assurance process assesses how well AGL meets
the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles of Inclusivity, Materiality
and Responsiveness, as well as testing the reliability of reported
information. The Assurance Statement from Net Balance is included
on page 94 of this report.
In addition, AGL has sourced further assurance about data accuracy
and reliability through the following mechanisms:
>> Deloitte Touche Tomatsu has undertaken an assurance of
AGL’s methodology for determining greenhouse gas emissions
(Operational, Equity, Energy Supply and Greenhouse Footprints).
>> Data in the Economic section of the report includes financial
information from AGL’s audited 2012 Financial Report. The full
financial report is available on the AGL website at
In accordance
C C+ B B+
GRI application level